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Client Benefits

Our clients come to enjoy the simplicity and ease of use that should be expected when choosing a web solution. Many of our clients are amazed at the ease in which they can add and edit content and continue to grow their sites, all on their own without the need to call upon the help of IT or web development personell.

In choosing a solution from South Village Software, you too will quickly come to realize how easy it should be to create and maintain your websites content.

Our benefits include:

  • Efficient - No reliance on Webmaster's or IT departments to publish your website content. You can edit content whenever you want.
  • Spread the workload - Content editing responsibilities can be distributed throughout your organization. Individual departments can maintain their own specific content.
  • Speedy Communication - Information will flow to your users and customers faster.
  • Increased Productivity - Concentrate on your business, not how your website works.
  • Reduce Operating Costs - Reduce or eliminate expensive website maintenance contracts.
  • Flexible Look and Feel - "Skinning" technology easily controls the look and feel of your entire website can be transformed in a matter of minutes and is completely independent from the content of your website.
  • Rich Features - New features can easily be "snapped" into your website in minutes - forums, e-commerce, newsletters, bulk email, news center, feedback forms and more.
  • Fast Delivery - The creation of a new website, or conversion of an existing website can take days, not months to implement and deploy.


If we don't have a feature you need already supported by our web framework, we can easily and quickly arrange to build a custom feature for you and your website.

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