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Example 1
SVS YouTube™ Viewer

Current Version Info:

  • Current version - 4.7.1
  • Tested with DotNetNuke version 4.7.0
  • Compatible from DotNetNuke version 4.3.0 +
  • PA & source downloads available for FREE!

New Options:

New options available on this module mimic the "customize" functionality avaliable for any YouTube video. They include:

  • Include related videos
  • Player Colors
  • Show Border

You can download this FREE! module by visiting our Downloads section or by clicking HERE

About SVS YouTube™ Viewer

The SVS YouTube™ Viewer module is a simple utility module that allows DotNetNuke portals to easily add a YouTube™ video player to your portal.

This module is a very simple module that allows you to define, through settings, a YouTube™ Url that when placed on a portal page, shows a media player ready with your video to view..

To use SVS YouTube™ Viewer:

  • Install the module through module definitions.
  • Place an instance of the module on one of your portal pages.
In Module Settings:
  • Enter the YouTube™ Url (Click on "About this video", "more..." to copy the Url - Do NOT use the embed script).

Optional Settings:

  • Set the width and height options.
  • Set the Include Related Videos option.
  • Set the Player Colors.
  • Set the Show Border option.
  • Set a value for any bottom margin you want below the player.


The SVS YouTube™ Viewer module has been developed using DotNetNuke version 4.7.0, if you experience any issues installing or using, please contact us using the contact form on ths page.


  • Source written in VB.NET.
  • No code or layout in .ascx files, all code generated dynamically (server controls).
  • Supports localization.
  • PA & Source code packages available for download.


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