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Our Vision

South Village Software, formerly known as DeGagne Designs & Development, was created with the goal of employing great open-source soutions to help organizations and companies optimize their efficiency, communication, and effectiveness and ultimately increase their revenue and profitability. Through the use of established open source software, South Village Software can help you optimize your business and your online presence.

In creating South Village Software, we were looking to solve a common modern IT problem. Namely, Custom software development is slow and expensive. With South Village Software, we are moving away from custom software and instead, starting with solutions that meet 80% of our client's needs without requiring custom programming. For the final 20%, we do a mix of custom development and integration 3rd-party solutions to create the perfect solution for our clients.

Utilizing existing building blocks to create websites, intranets, and extranets allows us to greatly improve the quality, time-to-market, reliabilility, and overall cost of our solutions.

We may not have the right solution for you, and if that is the case we will tell you so upfront. We truly believe that with the software library we have in place, we can meet the needs of many companies and organizations and do so at  a greatly reduced cost and with a superior product to most other web development firms.

Contact us and give us a chance to show you how we can help you improve your business.

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